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[A-DX] 21455 HCJB

  • Subject: [A-DX] 21455 HCJB
  • From: Christoph Ratzer <christoph@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 19:37:44 +0100


Durch untenstehenden Ausschnitt aus BCDX 505 versteht man auch warum HCJB
auf 21455 / USB in letzter Zeit so gut zu hören ist...

73 Christoph

ECUADOR   We have had a different tx on the air for 21455 lately. We are
currently using the Siemens tx which is putting out about 25 kW instead of
the usual 1 kW. We typically run that tx at about 32% carrier which is
probably why Glenn hears an increase on the carrier. The reason for the
change was due to the DRM tests that we were conducting in Dec. They
needed the Siemens tx for its linearity.

Well, at the end of Jan DRM asked us to again try some tests on 21455
during our normal operating hours. So we switched the Siemens tx on to
that antenna for the tests are leaving it there for more tests coming in
the future. Also, this is the tx that we used for years to bc on SSB so it
is really not one of our normal txs (i.e. an HC100).
(Doug Weber, Freq Manager HCJB Quito, La Voz de los Andes, Jan 29
via Allen Graham-CA-USA, DXLD)

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