[A-DX] eQSL Voice of Iranian Kurdistan 4870 kHz

Christoph Ratzer
Do Apr 11 23:24:10 CEST 2013

> wann senden sie denn uur Zeit auf Kurzwelle?

wwdxc BC-DX TopNews # 1107:

IRAN   Radio Voice of Iranian Kurdistan in Kurdish and part in Farsi
observed on several days in 2013, last time on Feb 22 and 26 with one in
advanced pre-recorded program aired as follows:

On 3960v s/on at 0224 UT IS, 0229 UT Singing Kurdish Anthem, 0232 UT ID
"Eira dengi Kurdistana Iran", pray and ID  echo-sounded etc. Close down at
0424 UT already on moved 3968 kHz.

On 4870 kHz s/on usually with 2-5 minute later but with same procedure and
same program as on 3960 kHz, resp with later s/off on around 4876 kHz.
Close down at 0424 UT for 3968 kHz and 0432 UT for 4861 kHz approx.

There is an evening transmission with s/on at our early afternoon.

Only Iranian jammers are heard now on VOKurdistan's freq 3930 kHz  at
1505-1550v UT (on some days 1525-1625 UT). About VOIK - its remind me on
"Our Radio" [Bizim Radyo] in 70s when one and same program in Turkish was
aired with delay from transmitter in Saftica Romania than those in
Koenigswusterhausen in East Germany.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 3)

Radio Voice of Iranian Kurdistan observed on 0245-0255 UT March 13:
carrier only on 3960.004 kHz, bubble jamming on 3960.065 kHz in wideband
range 3955.8 to 3964.5 kHz.

The other program with HQ prayer around 0240 UT on 4859.764 kHz, main
bubble unit on 4860.096 kHz, in wideband range 4855.8 to 4862.8 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 13)

73 Christoph