[A-DX] LOG: 17.860 kHz 16.02-16.07 utc MFSK16 / Audio lag bei O=3, VoA Radiogram

Sa Apr 20 19:44:04 CEST 2013


Some listeners requested more time to make adjustments between modes. To
facilitate that, before each long transmission, a brief transmission in 
will identify the mode to follow. MFSK16 is chosen for this task because 
it is
likely to be decoded even if the faster modes do not decode correctly.

THOR is the featured mode in this edition of VOA Radiogram. In general, 
THOR and
MFSK modes are not available in comparable speeds, so they cannot be 
tested side
by side. We will transmit THOR and MFSK modes at progressively faster 

Instead of using the slower versions (THOR 4, 5, 8, 11, 16) typical in 
radio, on this program we will use the faster verions of THOR. They can be
decoded using Fldigi from w1hkj.com. For more information about the THOR 
visit http://www.w1hkj.com/FldigiHelp-3.21/Modes/THORdesc.htm

Here is the menu for this broadcast
(all modes centered on 1500 Hz):

MFSK16 (now) (58 wpm)
MFSK16 image
THOR22 (~75 wpm)
MFSK22 (80 wpm)
THOR25x4 (~90 wpm)
MFSK32 (120 wpm)
MFSK16 image
THOR50x1 (~180 wpm)
THOR50x2 (~180 wpm)
MFSK64 (240 wpm)
THOR100 (~360 wpm)
MFSK128 plain text (480 wpm)
MFSK128 Flmsg
MFSK32 text and image

Please send reception reports to 

And visit voaradiogram.net

Twitter: @VOARadiogram

Next on VOA Radiogram, THOR22

Next on VOA Radiogram, THOR22