[A-DX] VoA Radiogram auf 17860 kHz 1600 UTC

Jan Balzer
Sa Apr 27 18:06:21 CEST 2013


der Empfang klappt heute wieder sehr gut.
Der Anfang war fehlerfrei in MFSK16.

73 Jan


Welcome to Program 6 of VOA Radiogram.

These modes will be transmitted in this broadcast:
MFSK16 (58 wpm), now and to introduce each mode
PSK63F (55 wpm), 2:50
MFSK32 text (120 wpm) and image, 4:28
Thor50x1 (180wpm), 1:48
Thor50x2 (180wpm), 1:46
MFSK64 (240 wpm), 2:16
MFSK128 in Flamp X2 format, 3:46
MFSK32 one or more images, depending on time remaining

All modes will be centered on 1500 Hz.

Please send reception reports to 

Twitter: @VOARadiogram

The next mode is PSK63F. PSK63F is slow but performed well during VOA 
1. We only transmitted it for a minute, though. This will give PSK63F a