[A-DX] Seltenes Log: ShortWave Relay Service, Bishkek, Kirgisien, 5130 kHz, 1720 UT, SIO 242

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Jul 15 23:21:19 CEST 2013

Rumen hatte dies letztes Jahr gemeldet:

KYRGYZSTAN. 5130, Hit SW/Maranatha Radio. 1556 close/down, 5 Oct 2012, break
and again the air from 1601 in Tajik or Farsi(?), talks and songs-there is
not the words "Hit shortwaves" or "Maranatha" in their ID as I heard. So
there are two SW stations with the name Maranatha: from Kyrgyzstan and via
WRNO 7506.

(Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Sony ICF2001D, Folded Marconi ant 16 m 300  ohm ribbon cable),
Nov 2012 Australian DX News via dxld)

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From: "Christoph Ratzer" <>
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2013 7:31 PM
Subject: [A-DX] Seltenes Log: ShortWave Relay Service, Bishkek,
Kirgisien,5130 kHz, 1720 UT, SIO 242

Selten, selten zu hören, der "ShortWave Relay Service, Bishkek" auf 5130
kHz. Religiöse Sendung, angeblich ein TWR Programm, die Informationen über 
den Sendebetrieb sind eher sehr spärlich…

** KYRGYZSTAN. Sadaye Zindage on 5130, from Bishkek was checked
regularly during the Sheigra DX-pedition and confirmed to be on the
air most days at 1630-1730 UT (sometimes to 1745) with a weak or very
weak signal. Programming was from Radio Sadaye Zindage (Sound of
Life), a Christian broadcaster which targets Afghanistan in Pashto and
Dari. 5130 transmitter has been reported previously with various names
such as Hit Shortwave or Radio Maranatha, but the only ID heard was
Sadaye Zindage (Dave Kenny, Sheigra 5-19 Oct, BDXC)


kHz: 5130
Summer Schedule 2013
Persian Days Area kHz
1500-1800 daily WAs 5130bis†
Key: † Irregular.
(WRTH 2013 Int. Radio Supplement 2 (A13 Schedules)

73 Christoph
Remote-RX: Winradio Excalibur PRO, NetSDR-OCXO,
ANT: Beverage 100 mt, Hari 78 Meter Windom, PA0RDT Mini-Whip.