[A-DX] PCJ Radio

Jürgen Waga
Mi Jun 5 21:53:06 CEST 2013

Folgende Mitteilung erreichte mich:

Two more target areas for test transmission. Europe and North America from 
Nauen, Germany


Southeast/East Asia 1300 to 1400UTC (Sundays)
Frequency: 11835khz
Relay: Trincomalee 125kw

Europe 1300 to 1400UTC (June 9, 2013 TEST)
Frequency: 5955khz (ex Radio Netherlands)
Relay: Nauen 100kw

North America 0000 to 0100UTC (June 10, 2013 TEST)
Frequency: 9925khz
Relay: Nauen 125kw