[A-DX] Log: Scandinavian Weekend Radio, special Midsummer Broadcast, 6170 kHz, 2105 UT, SIO 343

Christoph Ratzer
Fr Jun 21 23:07:21 CEST 2013

Für 100 Watt ein stabiles Signal in Salzburg.

A reminder that Scandinavian Weekend Radio (SWR - broadcasting from Virrat,
Finland) have their special Midsummer Broadcast this weekend, from 2100 UTC
Friday 21st June to 2100 UTC Saturday 22nd June.

However, once again they will only be using their 49mb frequencies on
shortwave (6170 alternating with 5980 kHz), not their 25mb frequencies. Full
schedule at: http://www.swradio.net/schedule.htm
RF output just 100 watts on shortwave frequencies.

According to their Facebook page, they are hoping to use the 25mb
frequencies in future again, but not this month: "We are working to get 25
meter up and running once again. New Band Pass filter will needed to FM
antenna line and it's almost ready, but I affraid that testing of the filter
system will not happen at before July." (The 25mb antenna is a 3-element
beam on the same tower as their FM stacked dipole - photo on home page of
their website http://www.swradio.net/ ). via BDXC;

73 Christoph