[A-DX] [dxld] REE...no changes...yet

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Aug 30 11:54:05 CEST 2014

Ich weiß nicht, wie ich die Nicht-Registrierung von REE für die Wintersaison
werten soll, sieht eher stark nach einer weiteren Bisambergisierung aus ?

Only 9690 0200-0300 NOB 350 290 Chinese E CRI RTC and

9690 0300-0400 NOB 350 290 English E CRI RTC listed so far ...
in B-14 season.

also REE / Beijing 11910 kHz 500 kW relay entry missing.
B-13:   11910 1200-1400 50,51,54E,64  BEI 500 165 REE SPANISH

73 wb

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Subject: [dxld] REE...no changes...yet

> On Radio Exterior de España’s August 29 Listeners Corner program the hosts
> said that the REE schedule would remain the same for the first week of
> September.  They mentioned that "The Bosses" had stated in July that
> program changes/reductions would be happening after September 1st, and
> shortwave might be eliminated in October...but they did not elaborate at
> the time...and then "The Bosses" went "on vacation" during August!
> So it appears things are still up in the air at REE, though I suspect with
> the August holidays coming to an end, we (and the REE staff) might learn
> some definite future plans in the next week or two.
> Many emails and letters lamenting the possible demise of REE shortwave
> were read on the program.
> Earlier sunset is improving my reception of REE English at 0000 on 6055.
> Solid signal tonight.
> Steve Luce
> Houston, Texas