[A-DX] LOG: 1458 kHz

Christoph Ratzer
So Feb 16 19:14:38 CET 2014

> Es gibt keinerlei Stationskennung, auch nicht zur halben oder vollen Stunde.In den lezten Tagen fehlten auch Ansagen überhaupt.
> Weiß schon jemand mehr über den jetzigen Betreiber?

Nein Joachim,

auch in der BDXC Liste war dieser Link (Nachricht unten) die letzte Meldung:

The newly acquired former Sunrise Radio frequency by Lyca Media has begun testing this afternoon.

BizAsia can also confirm that Sunrise Radio veterans Ravi Sharma and Sarita Sabharawal have joined the new station, leaving Dr Avtar Lit’s business after more than twenty years working for him. This will be a major blow to Lit who was hoping to retain the two popular presenters for his own Sunrise Radio on the ex-Buzz Radio frequency on 963 and 972 AM.

The new frequency has not officially be named as of yet. The station is using just a “1458khz on MW” strap. Similarly, the former Kismat Radio frequency is playing back to back music with inserts of “1035khuz on MW” jingles in-between.

The pilot show this afternoon was a test-run before official programming begins on the stations in the next few days. BizAsia understands that the stations are awaiting approval from Ofcom before regular transmission starts. After a sale of a station, it is normal practice for Ofcom to do final checks to approve a licence transfer to a new owner.

Earlier this week, Lyca Media was confirmed as the new owner of Sunrise Radio Limited (1458AM), Kismat Radio Limited (1035AM) and a slew of other stations in London. Lit has only one station in his possession, which was formerly Buzz Asia and now rebranded to Sunrise Radio on 963 and 972AM.

Die Testsendung ist in Salzburg auf 1458 in USB sehr stark zu hören, Albanien/China ist ja etwas unterhalb.

73 Christoph