[A-DX] LOG: KBC Radiogram, 23 Feb: MFSK64 7375 kHz 01.31z O=2-3

So Feb 23 09:22:11 CET 2014

The KBC Radiogram on 7375 kHz from 01:30 UTC (2:30 CET - Central 
European Time) I had recorded with the recording scheduler of HDSDR and 
just decoded with STUDIO1 + FLDIGI.
The reception here was not very good O = 2-3. It was a mixture of ground 
wave and backscatter. Thus, the decoding rate of MFSK64 was only 60%, on 
the picture was nothing to see.
I think even in North America, the reception situation is critical and 
MFSK-64 is too exaggerated.
Effective here would be a two-track transmission simultaneously with 
image / text in MFSK16 , at most in MFSK32.

The reconstructed contet of the message was:



The forums for the Winter SWL Fest, 14-15 March near
Philadelphia, have been scheduled. Topics include...

Internet radio
Radio's future
Archiving shortwave broadcasts
North Korean media
Ham radio tools for SWLs
Digital radio
Loop antennas
Remote receivers

I will be there to demonstrate VOA Radiogram and the decoding of
text and images via shortwave broadcast.

More information at swlfest.com

Thanks to The Mighty KBC