[A-DX] VOA Radiogram, 18-19 Jan 2014

Sa Jan 18 22:02:24 CET 2014

Am 16.01.2014 19:49, schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello friends,
> VOA Radiogram for the weekend of 18-19 January 2014 will include the 
> MFSK32, MFSK64, and MFSK64L (long interleave version of MFSK64) modes.
> Please note that MFSK64L text does not begin to display until a few 
> seconds after the tones are heard.
> The Flmsg 1.1.33AC alpha version works with the MFSK64L mode.
At first I had still used the old version 1.1.33.  Here also were 
obviously no problems.

> Our experiment this weekend will try this combination, so please 
> download Flmsg 1.1.33AC from http://www.w1hkj.com/alpha/flmsg/ .  
> Also, in Fldigi: Configure > Misc > NBEMS  -- Under Reception of flmsg 
> files, check both boxes, and under that indicate where your Flmsg.exe 
> _1.1.33AC_ file is located.
> One difference this weekend is that the program preview will be in 
> MFSK32 (120 wpm) rather than MFSK16 (55 wpm). We will try MFSK32 for 
> the preview during the next few weekends. MFSK16 is useful in very 
> poor shortwave conditions, so we might want to bring this mode back in 
> the future

A multi-carrier solution for MFSK16 would be also interesting. Robust 
signal with maybe five times wider bandwidth. (MFSK16x5.....?)


At the end of my html again a few Easypal images.