[A-DX] Radio Heritage Foundation Call of the Friendly Islands, Spenden?

Willi Passmann
Di Jul 1 11:15:43 CEST 2014

Ablage Papierkorb!
Es gibt keinen Frequenzlisten-Anbieter, der bzgl Zusammenarbeit mit 
MWList so unkooperativ ist wie Radio Heritage.
Die sind bei mir schon seit Jahren im Spam Filter.

vy 73,

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Am 01.07.2014 09:35, schrieb Arnulf Piontek:
> Was soll man davon halten?
> 73,
> OM Arnulf Piontek
> Berlin
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> www.radioheritage.net
> July 1 2014
> Dear Radio Heritage Friend
> Call of the Friendly Islands is our latest feature.........
> This is your invitation to join the Radio Heritage global team of
> supporters this month and help us reach the remaining $1,406 target
> to cover our operational costs for the April-July period.
> That's 14 Sponsors at $100 each, or 28 Contributing supporters at $50
> each..........you choose what you're comfortable with; options
> starting as low as $5............weekly and monthly options
> available.
> We're completely crowd funded each month. It means we have to come
> back to people like you regularly to keep the website free for
> thousands of visitors each month....and to keep the project
> protecting radio memories funded for several more weeks.
> If you like what we're doing, and can support us in a practical way
> this month, please take a minute to visit www.radioheritage.net and
> make your donation.....starting at $5 to Pay It Forward.....
> If you've already joined the team, thanks again for keeping us going
> these past 3 months, and be sure to check for your name on the Roll
> of Honor..many of you are now starting to climb even further up and
> we appreciate your generous support.
> Thank you for helping us continue the work this month, visitors to
> the website continue to grow, our Radio Guides continue to be popular
> [Hawaii is on the way], our Retro Radio series from 1953 is enjoyed
> by many, and there's always something new from our collections of
> thousands of items of radio memorabilia....and more items arrive in
> the collection each week.......
> The Team
> Radio Heritage Foundation
> www.radioheritage.net
> Email code DX to be removed from this mailing list and allow 15
> working days for a volunteer to manually find and remove your address.
> PS....The Call of the Friendly Islands is our latest feature, come
> along to Tonga in 1961 with us today
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