[A-DX] Sondersendung: Radio Nord - Schweden

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Jul 16 19:37:54 CEST 2014

Radio Nord (Sweden) plan to transmit on medium wave and shortwave on 23rd
August as part of the Radio Day to celebrate 100 years of the Vaxholm Radio
coastal station (on an island in the Stockhom archipelago) which opened in

Radio Nord (Revival) is a tribute to the former sixties Swedish offshore
station and plan to have a studio set up at Vaxholm Castle for the event 
which is open to the public for any members in Sweden.
Full details in programme:

Frequencies mentioned in the "Radiodag" programme are 1512 kHz and 6065 kHz
for Radio Nord.

This update from Ronny Forslund on the Radio Nord Revival Facebook page (15
"We will definitely be broadcasting on MW 1512 kHz but the SW frequencies
have not yet been cleared. Also, you may expect test transmissions earlier
in the week as our license is valid for two weeks. We also expect to have a
smaller SW transmitter operating from the actual Castle, in addition to the
10 kW from Sala. Also, you may look for us in the 75 m.b. where we will be
using 5 kW from Sala if everything works out. Frequency should be 3915 kHz."

(there is also an Amateur Radio special event station on 23 August from
Vaxholm Castle on various frequencies - details also in programme pdf above)

I remember taking the ferry boat to the island of Vaxholm when in Stockholm
many years ago, so it's an appropiate "offshore" location for Radio Nord!

73 Alan

(Alan Penington via BCDX-UK Mailingiste)

73 Christoph