[A-DX] {dxld} VOA Radiogram, June 26-27, includes some Russian

So Jul 27 09:18:45 CEST 2014

Am 26.07.2014 09:03, schrieb  [dxld]:
> VOA Radiogram this weekend includes news about possible health effects 
> of Iranian satellite jamming. And some Russian.
> Most of the content is in MFSK32.  Patch the audio from your radio to 
> your PC, and use Fldigi from w1hkj.com, or your favorite decoder, to 
> turn the strange noise into text and images. 

The transfer of the Cyrillic letters was so slow  that you'd think, it 
was in MFSK- 16.
For listeners here in the eastern part of Germany, the Russian text part 
should be more readable.....