[A-DX] Sondersendung von SAQ möglich.

Christoph Ratzer
Do Okt 16 21:07:10 CEST 2014

Es gibt vielleicht eine Sondersendung von SAQ am 24. Oktober, dem “United Nations Day” um 10 Uhr UT, soweit die Zeitangabe stimmt…
Es werden dafür keine QSLs ausgestellt!


There will hopefully be a transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on 17,2 kHz on “United Nations Day” October 24, 2014 at 10:00 UTC. Start up and tuning from about 11:30 UTC. There will be a message written by students in Denmark. We are not hundred percent sure we have access to the antenna this day because of other organization using it. This time we do not require any QSL-reports and will not verify. Regards. Lars/SM6NM P.S. 

We intend to continue with our annual transmission on Christmas Eve (morning), Dec 24, at 08:00 UTC with tuning up from 07:30 UTC. D.S.

73 Christoph