[A-DX] re Harald's 15215 FEBA Tibetan - 25 Jahre 'währendes/altes' Programm !

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Aug 10 16:41:32 CEST 2015

TIBET [non]. Philippines QSL received by the Tibetan program
FEBA. It's called Gaweylon Tibetan programme. Soon be available on
dxing.ru. This is not a station, this is the program for the Tibetans,
which acknowledges receipt. By the way, this year it celebrates 25
years of being on the air. Currently, it broadcasts in 15215, 1200-
1230 UT through Dhabbaya [UAE]
(Vasily Kuznetsov, Moscow, Russia /"open_dx" via RusDX 2 August)

Don't the Tibetans have enough problems without the Christians butting
in? And how can you be truly Tibetan if you have converted from
Buddhism to Christianity? What percentage of dentro-Tibetans are
professing or secretly Christians now; is it possible to know?
(Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

genauso ein Schwachsinn die fundamentalen Liebenzeller Missionisten mit 
deutschen Kleinkindern als Missionare in den Jemen zu schicken - wb.