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Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Dez 7 17:16:42 CET 2015

FYI - Mike vom British DX Club hat auch einen Kommentar dazu.

DRM - eine unendliche Spesengeschichte,
ob Dez 1999 - oder Dez 2015

In 1999 Peter Senger DWL

oder 2015 die rumänische Managing Directeuse Director Ruxendra Obreja bei
DRM, und ihr Ehemann auch noch - Radu P. Obreja, DRM Marketing Director

-- gleich fünf Leute werden im Direktorium gemästet.

... siehe unten


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> Desperate and offensive attempt by a former board member of Transradio to
> sell high power DRM capable transmitters by using tragic circumstances. In
> the real world even where medium wave transmitters are on the vast
> majority of the population will listen on FM and AM transmitters are
> closing down.There are none in Lebanon for example. And apparently
> according to this article FM does not exist.
> I see Ruxendra Obreja who was at one point said to be on secondment from
> the BBC is now apparently writing articles and travelling around the world
> promoting this technology to little effect at licencepayers expense. An
> apparent relation of hers is now involved in the consortium as "managing
> director", managing what is not clear. Any commercial organisation would
> have closed down all this years ago.
> http://www.drm.org/?page_id=85