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Daily NK December 21

West German radio gave Easterners window to world during Cold War

Media's role in uniting Germany and lessons for the Koreas




-  "...on the role that cross-country radio played for the 
democratization and unification of Germany."

- "...A behind the scenes photo of West Germany’s cross-country radio 
program RIAS, which was..."

- "...In the 1950s and 1960s, radio broadcasts were beamed across the 
border to inform the East German citizens of the outside world...."

-  " Up until that point, cross-country communication was limited to 
disseminating leaflets across the border and using loudspeakers at key 
locations like the Berlin Wall."

-  "“Without the cross-border broadcasts, there would not have been any 
peace protests.”

-  "...Cross-border broadcasts thus served both purposes: provided 
information and assurance.”


Na, nach welchem Wort habe ich da gesucht? ...... ;-)

Nein, nicht "mediumwave", hat aber damit etwas zu tun.