[A-DX] FRSH xmas 2015

Di Dez 22 12:50:23 CET 2015

Am 22.12.2015 um 11:48 schrieb Bernd Seiser:
> Fuer Sonntag 27.12.2015 hat der Free Radio Service Holland eine 
> Sondersendung angekuendigt, leider habe ich immer noch keine Angaben, 
> wann und wo ein deutschsprachiger Beitrag vorgesehen ist, ich 
> empfehle, zu verschiedenen Zeiten 7700 und 9300 zu ueberpruefen.
> Wer mit FRSH in Kontakt ist moege doch bitte nochmals nachfragen und 
> mich benachrichtigen, vielen Dank!


FRS' traditional Seasonal broadcast will be aired aired on Sunday 
December 27th.  This year’s broadcast will see a different approach in 
contrast with previous editions. FRS-Holland will be airing two 3 hour 
blocks. The first one will be between 08:52- 12:00 UTC/ 09:52- 13:00 CET 
followed by an afternoon slot between 12:52- 16:00 UTC/ 13:52- 17:00 
CET. Frequencies remain unchanged: 7700 //9300 kHz. There might be an 
evening slot in favour of North American listeners, if so details will 
be announced as soon as possible! Our seasonal programmes will be 
presented by Paul Graham, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Dave Scott & Peter 
Verbruggen. The music of your life and more… We will ring out 2015 in a 
great way!

Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on 
short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming. You 
can make your choice out of two streams:
[http://laut.fm/jukebox]à Sunday Dec. 27th à15-18 UTC = 16-19 CET.
[http://nednl.net:8000/frsh.m3u] à Sunday Dec. 27th 15-18-21 UTC = 
16-19-22 CET (two times in a row!). In addition there will be a repeat 
via Laut.fm on Sunday January 2nd 17-20 UTC = 18-21 CET. As an extra 
service for mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream via 

Important: for 'last minute news'(for instance frequency changes) watch 
this article!!

FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for Sunday December 27th 2015
UTC Time     Programme   Schedule
09:22     Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune
09:30     FRS   Magazine- Peter   Verbruggen with the best music from   
the past decades.
10:00     German   Show- Jan van Dijk. A brief retrospect to the music 
year 2015                <======================= GERMAN PART
10:30     Dave   Scott's Radiowaves featuring classic rock.
11:00     Sounds   from the 80s. Paul Graham plays great (X-Mas)tunes   
from the 1980s era.
11:30     FRS   Golden Show – Roger   Davis. Uptempo and some times rare 
60s & 70s (seasonal?) stuff.
12:00     Close down     13:00