[A-DX] Voice of Hope 4885

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Dez 30 20:24:35 CET 2015

re Wimpel für Eurdorf - aus KOR.
Hier liegt noch ein oller Wimpel von Eintracht Frankfurt aus 1961 herum ...

Die Koreaner haben ihr Geld lieber solide
für neue Continentals aus Dallas TX USA ausgegeben.

Seit dem 25. Novemver hat man den/die neu installierten TX bei Tests gehört.

BF aus Hessen hatte diese Beobachtung weiter gegeben:

Thanks to Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI) for the following email:

"Many thanks for the tip. Great! Just put on remote PERSEUS SDR in Japan
and they are still there at 1642 UTC. Looks for test ...

I remember, when I was at the HFCC conference at Dallas we visited
Continental {tx factory}. Here we saw a 100 kW (or more) transmitter(s)
available for delivery to South Korea. Maybe this is one of them, because
KBS is still using the very old transmitters."

Appreciate his feedback.

new 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1345-1430 UT on Dec 21. Fair signal; in
Korean with drama, news, Korean songs; easy to ID with "VOH", letters in
English and \\ 6003 kHz (jammed) and 6348 kHz (jammed). Testing?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

New 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1222 UT on Dec 22. Second day testing
here; fair / good and not jammed; \\ 3985 kHz (jammed) \\ 6003 kHz
(jammed) and \\ 6348 kHz (jammed).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

Per Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara, observed schedule so far
is *1158-1803* UT.

KOREA  REP OF   Weak and poor reception of Echo of Hope
on Dec 23 from 1632 UT.
4885 kHz HWA 100 kW non-dir to NoEaAS Korean, new addit freq.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

KOREA  REP OF   4885  Echo of Hope-VOH at 1449-1532+ UT on 21 Dec. Fair w/
KR chat, singing jingle & chimes at 1458/1525 UT, news/commentary after
1500 UT on 22 Dec. 1440-1500+ UT w/ similar programming (more "gossipy"
style chat) + schedule / frequencies given after ID/chimes at 1459 UT on
24 Dec. 1529-1550+ UT Christmas carols in KR ("1st Noel", "Jingle Bells")
& EG ("Silver Bells", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" [the "Figgy Pudding"
song]) & several "Merry Christmas" mentions.

4885 kHz still unjammed while 3985/6003/6348 kHz are usually about 40/60
w/ the NK roaring jammer..& a festive "thanks" to Ron Howard for
completing my "V-O-mumble-mumble" ID on the 21st.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Dec 23)

KOREA  REP OF   4885.00  at 1405-1415 UT on Dec 25, Radio Echo of Hope,
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Korean talk by man and woman 35232 \\ a little
weaker 3985 kHz (25222 - R 700, Germany, was off the air at this hour!)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 25)

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hi - ich hab da  schon rumgesucht. Keine qsl, keine Adresse
(weder snail noch email). Nix gefunden
Was da der Schwarm mehr?
73 ABo

> Im Augenblick  gut zu hören. (O=3)