[A-DX] Heute Sonderprogramm auf 1440...

Daniel Kähler
Mi Dez 30 21:35:27 CET 2015

...jedenfalls wenn diese Info stimmt:

Mike Knight just wrote this evening on 
the Radio Luxembourg 208 fans Facebook Group:

I have just been informed that TONIGHT at midnight UK time (1am CET) the 
Mike Hollis produced closedown from 1991 (which I recently edited) will 
be played on 1440kHz/208m !!! - on the final day that 208 will be on air 
- you will have on last chance to listen to the famous 208 DJs on that 
famous frequency before they switch it off.

Huge thanks to my friends at RTL for arranging this - you know who you are.

Wow! - I am so happy that RTL are doing this.

(via Mike Terry, DXLD)