[A-DX] Neuer SDR von RF-Space

Christoph Ratzer
Sa Jan 3 17:54:41 CET 2015

Sehr vielversprechende Vorschau auf den neuen RF-Space Cloud SDR - perfekt gestaltet von Nils Schiffhauer.


Hi - there are some open/closed servers around, by which you can listen
remotely via the internet.

I now tried out CloudSDR's Client software and a remotely controlled brand
new CloudSDR in Atlanta.

All worked fine and smoothly, thanks Pieter & Moe!

Especially, I would like to stress the audio which is simply perfect. I did
some remote DX of local broadcast, FAX, FSK and delicate STANAG4285 from
Tahiti (French Navy, FUM) with 2.400 Baud, 8-PSK on a (very) multipath
channel. Although decoding has just been made on the internal Windows' (!)
soundcard (!!), synchronization of both challenging signals was perfect.
I am really enthusiastic about this performance - standing ovations to
Pieter & Moe!

73 Christoph