[A-DX] Sendeplan Radio Revival Schweden für heute

Christoph Ratzer
Sa Jan 31 10:59:38 CET 2015

Here is tomorrow's schedule for our transmissions from Sala. Please feel free to spread the message. För svensk tid lägg till en timme.

Saturday, January 31 2015 3950 kHz 5 kW AM, 6065 kHz 10 kW A3H.
11.00-12.00 UTC Radio Nord Revival
12.00-13.00 UTC SDXF Sveriges DX-Förbund...
13.00-15.00 UTC Radio Merkurs 
15.00-16.00 UTC 78-timmen - Ola Rosengren spinning 78 rpm records 
16.00-17.00 UTC Country Box with Kenneth Friberg
17.00-18.00 UTC The Ronny B Goode Show
18.00-19.00 UTC Hit! with DJ Pewee

For more info go to http://radiorevivalsweden.blogspot.se/

(via Ronny B Goode on Radio Revival Sweden Facebook Group 1340 30-Jan)

73 Christoph