[A-DX] Windows 10 Update issue

Per Eriksson
Fr Jul 31 09:39:26 CEST 2015

Good morning Windows lovers,

The inflexible way that Microsoft pushes Windows 10 updates onto the 
users can surely be a problem for people with remote listening 
stations. I myself will wait a good while with upgrading my remote 
unit from the reliable Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Have found that Windows 10 has a function (Advanced under the WiFi 
tab on Settings) that prohibits updates to be downloaded on 
connections with "data princes". This is to ensure cost control for 
users with mobile broadband. Seems that applying this setting stops 
the updates coming.

Have by now installed Windows 10 Home on two computers. Updating a HP 
desktop Win 7 PC went unbelivably smooth. To update my newer Windows 
8.1 Lenovo laptop was a nightmare with several bluescreens and a 
rollback to Win 8.1 before reaching the goal.

Also tried some more SDR related software in this new environment. 
SDR-Console 1.5 (build 1425) works as before. So does the Elad 
FDM-SW2 console 1.100 (beta).