[A-DX] LOG: 6095 kHz 12.30z KBC/radiogram MFSK-64 O=5

Sa Mär 21 14:21:23 CET 2015

*RSID: <<2015-03-21T12:30Z MFSK-64 @ 6095000+1500>>*

We are delighted to announce that from the 1st June 2015, KBC
will be heard daily on medium wave. We will broadcast on 1602 kHz
between 07.00  19.00 CET from transmitters aboard the LV Jenni
Baynton. Our Sunday shortwave transmissions will continue on 6095
and we will add an extra hour onto 7375 transmission. To
facilitate these latest changes, our Saturday 6095 transmissions
will end on Saturday March 28th but all regular shows will be
maintained on a new KBC Internet stream which will be available
online 24/7. Also, look out later this year for KBC on DAB+ We
hope you enjoy our new outlets and will join KBC on MW, SW, DAB+
and Online. Check out our website kbcradio.eu and our FB page
facebook.com/TheMightyKbc for all the latest news.

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