[A-DX] Gerüchte um China Radio International

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Mär 24 13:13:54 CET 2015

Hier mal Butter bei die Fische, aus dxld yahoo ng :

Keith schrieb über den CCPPCC Parteitag,


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Mar 22 2:42 PM

 At last months meeting of Committee Of The Chinese People's Political
Consultative Conference in Beijing. One of the sub-committees headed by
Zhang Dejiang, who is also the Chairman of the National People's Congress
Standing Committee. Will be forming a 12 member board to look into the
effectiveness of shortwave as a delivery platform for China Radio

The committee who's members include leaders from various government
ministries including defense, culture, propaganda, SAFRT and the Central
Committee. Part of the investigation will be to look at shortwave cuts made
in Australia, Canada, Russia, UK, and the US. Last year the Chinese
Government spent over 600 million Yuan in shortwave (around 100 million USD.
This includes not only CRI broadcasts, but also China National Radio. They
will also be looking at staff reductions. Currently China Radio
International has a staff of 8500.

They are looking at reducing staff by 40%, closing 7 of there overseas 
bureaus, closing CRI Television, closing some CRI language services. Some of 
the languages that are being looked at axing are Tagalog, Polish, Greek, 
Italian, German, Esperanto, Croatian,
Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish, Bulgarian, and Danish. But 
English would be expanded as would Chinese.

With the cut of CRI Television, which no one has ever seen. Talks already
started last year to create a new channel. CCTV has two international
channels CCTV 4 (Chinese) and CCTV 9 (English). If the plan goes ahead both
these channels would close and a new channel would be created along the
lines of RT. A few RT executives have been hired as advisors for the new

China has just begun it's 13th 5 year plan 2015 to 2020. It will take them
at least 1 year to come up with the findings, and another 2 to 3 years to
implement.  But China being what it is, there is a possibility this could
move faster. This is because of Chinese President Xi Jingping's
anti-corruption crackdown.


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Hi Paul,
die Artikel auf der u. a. Medienseite habe ich mit großem Interesse gelesen.

Sollte CRI das deutsche Programm (feiert am 15.04.2015 den 55. Geburtstag)
und den Auslandsdienst überhaupt via Kurz- und Mittelwellen einstellen und
sein Personal um 60 Prozent abbauen, wäre das die Sensation des Jahres 2015.
Der Verfall der analogen Verbreitungswege würde sich immens beschleunigen!

Die internationalen Medien sollen anscheinend in Zukunft nur noch im WWW
stattfinden. Das Ende unseres schönen Rundfunk-Fernempfangshobby kommt mit
immer schnelleren Schritten.
73, Siegbert

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