[A-DX] Neuer RF-Space NetSDR+

Christoph Ratzer
So Nov 1 11:47:05 CET 2015

Vom ausgezeichneten RF-Space NetSDR Empfänger gibt es eine neue verbesserte Version:

We have also released a new updated version of the NetSDR radio called the NetSDR+. This radio has an improved circuit board that increases the RF performance and sensitivity. It also includes a silicon tuner with RF pre-selection to add frequency coverage to 700+ MHz. The tuner is frequency locked to the internal oscillator and offers very good performance. It also includes an 8 MHz display waterfall mode for spectrum analysis. We have also reduced the price by 25%. The NetSDR+ is ONLY available factory direct at this time. We can ship directly to EU, JP, AUS etc.


73 Christoph