[A-DX] Log: Radio Arcadia 1610 UTC, 6850 kHz

So Nov 22 19:08:20 CET 2015

Am 22.11.2015 um 17:31 schrieb Jan Balzer:
> Hallo,
> bis vor einigen Minuten habe ich auf 6850 kHz ein Musikprogramm von 
> Radio Arcadia mit O=3-4 gehört. Es gab auch mehrsprachige IDs, u.a. 
> auch in Deutsch.
> Von wo aus sendet diese Station?


#22: 6850:
Radio Arcadia, transmitting with 40 w from Milano and a 20 ft long wire 
antenna. Dedicated to jazz and fusion music.
First report from Norway, Captain Arcadia says.

eQSL et un petit mot :

Many Thanks Eric,

Arcadia TX is located in Milano Italy, run with 40 watt AM carrier + 
Antenna L half wave 20 mt wire.
This radio is dedicate to jazz-fusion music from about 2 years.
Thanks for Your report i confirm you, compliment for indoor antenna.
See my QSL attached.

+ jede Menge eQSLs

auf Seite 8 selbige Info:
John Vinther Nielsen i Danmark har lyckats fånga
ett  par  italienska  pirater  och  här  är  lite  info  om
dessa. Först ut är Radio Arcadia på 6850 kHz
Hi John,
My tx is is located in Milano, with 40 watt only AM
carrier , antenna 20 mt long wire. See QSL and ID Mail
for You, compliments for your SWL activities.
de Arcadia Captain


Ehemals via MW-Sender von  U-Boat 66:
"...Reception report was emailed on 2 September 2014. Two eQSLs followed 
within an hour of submission. "Captain Arcadia" also replied with 
information about the station, stating: /"I confirm your nice report and 
thanks for SWL! Arcadia is a Thematic Free Radio only for Jazz and 
Fusion Music. Power only 30 watt Carrier / max 50 watt AM on Medium 
Waves (only Local). At this moment I'm using a friend's radio site 
U-Boat 66, that is located in Milano, Italy. Maybe in the future I will 
have my own transmitter...I hope!" Hope so too. Thank you, Captain Arcadia!