[A-DX] Log: UNID 1008 kHz 2030 UTC

Christoph Ratzer
Sa Nov 28 09:45:52 CET 2015

> Die Latinomusik im Hintergrund von Groot Nieuws Radio kommt von Kosmos aus Griechenland.

Passt das zusammen?


This comes from the mwcircle part of Facebook. Christoforos Liatos reported that 1008kHz Krka - Corfu has been reactivated on 26 November 2015.

It seems that the new Greek government is trying to bring back the ring of stations around Greece's borders.
This is a small piece of good news set against the big reductions set for the end of the year.
I have made the necessary movements between the two spreadsheets.
73 abd 88 Dan Goldfarb, mwmasts yg (26/11-2015)

73 Christoph