[A-DX] RNZI: keine QSLs mehr per Post

Willi Westrupp
So Apr 24 11:40:21 CEST 2016

    gerade gefunden:

    QSL - Reception Reports

Our broadcasts are beamed to the South Pacific Islands. Reception of 
RNZI is possible at times outside our region.

We welcome reception reports, which can be verified by email.

RNZI's no longer process */postal/* reception reports, however we 
welcome reports via our webform 


73, Willi
QTH: 35390 Gießen
ANT: ALA 1530 S+ | T2FD 60°:240° | 8m Nasa PA-30
wide band passive antenna w Balun 340°:160° |
(All connected w bifilar chokes & gutters earth)
4-El. Yagi 144 MHz