[A-DX] Log: GB5RC, 7.157 kHz LSB, S8+ Signal

Christoph Ratzer
Fr Aug 5 22:22:52 CEST 2016

Hier nochmals der Hinweis wie man zu einer SWL-QSL kommt:

SWL reports
We realise this will be a popular event and we encourage SWL reports as we understand a lot of short wave listeners will want our QSL card.  If you send an SWL report, please ensure you include the following info:
Frequency you heard us operating on.
Time in GMT (UTC).
Please list at least two stations we were working.  This is our way to confirm that you did actually hear us operating and aren't just fishing for a QSL card.
It would also be nice to hear a little about yourself, what radio you're using, what aerial, etc.


73 Christoph