[A-DX] Reminder: Heute MiAmigo Live-Sendung aus Kall-Krekel

Milling, Christian
Do Jul 21 11:33:59 CEST 2016

...von 17-20 UTC auf 6005 kHz via Krekel und 11850 kHz via Gavar/Noratus,
mit der Möglichkeit live am Programm teilzunehmen:

"At the beginning of this month we introduced many great improvements to our
station, such as: a new international Saturday schedule, the arrival of Mi
Amigo legend Peter van Dam and a new improved 192k high quality web stream.

To celebrate this new chapter in our history at the start of our new summer
season, our entire crew of DJ's and technical staff a will all meet at our
Short Wave Transmission Centre in beautiful Kall-Krekel, Germany for a group
BBQ and a 3 hour live broadcast to Europe and the world!

For this special occasion we will not only broadcast on our regular European
6005 kHz (49m band) and the 1485 AM (from Riga), but this live show will
also be relayed to the world by a 100 kW short wave transmitter in Armenia,
on 11.850 kHz (25m band)!

This powerful 100kW transmitter has 12 different directional antenna
configurations and will be able to reach parts of the world outside Europe
where normally we are not received. So we intent to properly introduce
ourselves and the station to all the new listeners worldwide.

The 3 hour show will feature reports and details about the unique vintage
Shortwave Broadcast Centre in Kall, our transmitters, the buildings and
antenna's. We'll talk about today's Free Radio and our station -where we
come from and our big plans for the nearby future- and we'll introduce
everyone in our excellent team.

Our DJ's will tell stories -and answer questions- about their time on the
glorious radio ships and play some of their special favourite records. It
will be a fun night, a real get-together of our AM radio loving
international DJ's and our listeners. The broadcast will be mainly in
English with some Dutch, German and French as well. The music will also
bring back some wonderful Free Radio memories.

Listeners can participate in a number of ways: live via email:
 and/or chat live via this special event
page on Facebook (where we will post pictures and movies).

You may even call in live via Skype [click here for call] with questions,
greetings and/or requests. Everyone who makes contact with us that evening
will receive a special QSL card.

And if you enjoy Radio Mi Amigo for its great music, you may also listen
on-line in HQ stereo via our brilliant new web stream.

So we hope you will be with us, coming Thursday July 21, 19:00 till 22:00
hrs on 6005 kHz and 11.850 kHz. Make sure you don't miss out on this unique
international radio event and join the party by enlisting yourself now on
our Facebook special event page, or email us so we can send you a special
newsletter on Thursday as a reminder."