[A-DX] Fw: Midwinter's Day in Antarctica: broadcast tonight

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Jun 22 16:35:09 CEST 2016

und in der Britischen newsgroup gab es diesen Hinweis zum Nachhören.

Für alle, die gestern Abend bei der EURO 2016 am TV Fussball verhindert
waren ...


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Subject: Re: [BDXC-UK] Midwinter's Day in Antarctica: broadcast tonight

The BBC Antarctic Survey Special broadcast from last night is now also
available on iPlayer at:

British Antarctic Survey Special 2016, British Antarctic Survey Special -
BBC World Service

Music requests and special messages for the staff at the British Antarctic

View on  <www.bbc.co.uk>


(I thought Cerys Matthews was an excellent choice as presenter - her clear
Welsh voice well-suited to shortwave (BBCWS take note!).

Although aimed at the 45 BAS personnel in Antarctica, the programme also
seemed to recognise there might be other listeners, e.g. by mentioning that
Hailey Base was being moved 24 km due to a crack (chasm?) in the ice. Also a
good example of how to fit so much into 30mins - well done the independent
producers (Boffin Media?)!

Armchair quality reception on 5985 from Woofferton here in Caversham BTW.
73, Alan.