[A-DX] Log : 9700 kHz /R Newzealand Int./0730 UTC / SIO= 25 2

Do Jun 30 11:26:01 CEST 2016

Danke für die Info,Wolfgang.

73 und einen schönen Tag noch

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From: Wolfgang Bueschel
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: [A-DX] Log : 9700 kHz /R Newzealand Int./0730 UTC / SIO= 25 2

Hat ab heute eine neue Schedule mit dem neuesten Thales Sender
aus 18. November 2006, als Einzelsender Schedule.
Die Abendsendungen 1850 bis 2200 UT müssten aber hier gut zu hören sein.

Der 2. Sender, der alte Thomson aus 1989 / 1990 wird heute ausser Betrieb

von der Webseite:

27 MAR 2016 - 29 OCT 2016  Daily. Schedule Updated 30/06/2016


0000-0458 15720 (AM)  Pacific
0459-0658 11725 (AM)  Pacific Daily
0659-1058  9700 (AM)  Pacific Daily
1059-1258  9700 (AM)  PNG Daily
1259-1650  6170 (AM)  Pacific Daily
1651-1858  7330 (AM)  Pacific Sat
1651-1850  5975 (DRM) Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa Sun-Fri
1850-1950  9760 (DRM) Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa Sun-Fri
1859-1958  9700 (AM)  Pacific Sat
1951-2050 11690 (DRM) Pacific Sun-Fri
1959-2058 11725 (AM)  Pacific Sat
2051-0000 15720 (AM)  Pacific Daily Bougainville/Papua New Guinea and Timor

Transmission 1100-1300 UTC
>From 1100 -1300 UTC our programme is directed to the North Western Pacific
and Asia.

NB: Every month on the first and third Wednesday it is Maintenance day at
our transmitter site from 2230-0600 UTC. (Thursdays 1030-1800 NZST)

During this period there may be interruptions to our programmes.

73 wb

Kommentar aus Downunder:

I guess it is all about money-or the lack of it!

Thomson TX from 1989 / 1990.
The reason why this transmitter was off the air several months ago was a
lack of money to buy a very expensive output valve.

The 27 years old tx has had quite a few problems over the years, including
being struck by lightning once.

It certainly is going to be a strange business,  broadcasting at times in
DRM and at others in AM. Personally I don't see the point of using DRM,
given that RNZI is also available on satellite now, but I suppose RNZI has
invested quite a lot in DRM and has to justify its use. I don't know how
many Pacific stations use the DRM for news relays, having said that.

The current right-wing NZ Government does not like RNZ, saying RNZ has a
leftist bias and consequently has not increased funding for the last 8 years
it has been in office.

I guess RNZI has had budgets frozen too and there is no point asking for
funds for a replacement transmitter. The DRM tx was bought when the
left Labour Government was still in power.

Web on line in the Pacific is expensive as it is delivered to most places by
satellite, not undersea cables.

Interesting times are ahead!

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From: "M.Grabovski" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 9:43 AM
Subject: [A-DX] Log : 9700 kHz /R Newzealand Int./0730 UTC / SIO= 25 2

War bei mir früher täglicher-heutzutage seltener Gast... Schade.

73 Michael
Drake R7A , Winradio G31DDC
Mini-Whip PAØRDT, HDLA-6

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