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Stig Hartvig Nielsen
Do Jun 30 13:13:28 CEST 2016

   Latitude: 39.8264
   Longitude: 46.7397

That is right in Liberty Square in Stepanakert. And off course there are no
transmitters there. 

Actually the transmitter operating around 9677 is probably not coming from
Stepanakert. I was in Stepanakert a couple of years ago, and stayed at a
hotel rather close to a transmitter site (from where one could imagine that
the signals originated from) but signals on 9677 was weak and not local.   

And Stepanakert is not in Azerbaijan; it is the capital of the
Nagorno-Karabagh Republic - which is more or less at war with Azerbaijan.
Nagorno-Karabgh is supported by Armenia.  

Best 73s

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kHz: 9677
     UTC/PSN: 0810-1435
     Days/PI: 1234567 (Mo-Su)
    Language: azeri/azerbaijani
     Station: Voice of Justice
     Country: AZE (Azerbaijan)
Transmitter: Stepanakert
    Latitude: 39.8264
   Longitude: 46.7397
  Power (kW):
      Target: Cau (Caucasus)
    Distance: 2657
     Bearing: 98
       Notes: irr
     Details: 31 m from Azerbaijan to Caucasus QTH locator: LM39it88si

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Betreff: Log: 9677, UNID, Vn, 1030...UC, 30.06.16
Datum: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 12:38:15 +0200
Von: Herbert Meixner <

Halb AM, halb FM?
Wahrscheinlich diese schon oefter gemeldete 'Oststation' aus AZE.
Mx tendiert nach dorthin.

Mit Gruss,
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