[A-DX] Fwd: [BDXC-UK] 1395 Atlantis Radio calling DX on June 30, 2016

Name gelöscht
Do Jun 30 23:20:59 CEST 2016

Kam  via BDXC
73 ABo

Posted on the Garry Stevens group
June 30, 2016

1395 Atlantis Radio is a fully licensed LPAM oldies station broadcasting 
from Grou Fryslan in the Netherlands with a power of 100 watts.

We invite UK DXers to tune in tonight at 23.00 CET<22.00 UK Time> for DX 
purpose. At that time Tirana has closed down and 1395 is a clear channel.

Please send your rec reports to 


Atlantis 1395.