[A-DX] Fw: 6070 khz Rohrbach

So Mär 6 13:40:32 CET 2016

Am 06.03.2016 um 12:57 schrieb Jürgen Martens:
> Ach ja: Rockiges Musikprogramm, kann gefallen ;-)
> 73, Jürgen

Und MIDOMI erkennt sogar die Titel:
Puhdys  - Auf in's neue Jahrtausend

12.30z   Nun Wiederholung von DIGI DX # 3

Hello and welcome to the third episode of DigiDX, a review of the latest 
shortwave and DX news broadcast on Channel 292 in the MFSK32 mode. This 
broadcast includes shortwave news and reception reports and a feature 
which is a 3 hour listing (2100-0000) of Alan Roe’s
Music on Shortwave guide. As a bonus to the main programme on 1500Hz 
centre frequency in MFSK32, more of Alan Roe’s guide (1500-2100) will be 
broadcast with a centre frequency of 600Hz.

This will start after 3 minutes of the broadcast, to receive this either 
record the broadcast or open up two copies of FlDigi or MultiPSK and 
centre the second copy on 600Hz.  The length of this second MFSK32 
broadcast is 21 minutes.

DigiDX Schedule for March (all on 6070Khz broadcast from Germany 10KW)

Episode 3 - Friday 4th March : 2000UTC - 2030UTC
Episode 3 - Sunday 6th March : 1100UTC - 2030UTC
Episode 4 - Friday 11th March : 2000UTC - 2030UTC.......................

Nun neben   1500 Hz   auch   auf  600 Hz  MFSK32 digital......        
Gibt  wohl auch eine Android-App dafür, für's mobil phone....


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