[A-DX] Radio Bandeirantes reaktiviert!

Christoph Ratzer
So Mär 13 00:07:53 CET 2016


Saturday, March 12, 2016.

11925, Mar 12, 2016. 0222-0230, Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, in Portuguese. " A Voz do Brasil" transmission (other stations at 2200utc). 

Fair signal and modulation, 35433. in certain moments of this tnx, interference by RTI, Oke, in spaniish, on 11920kHz.  R. Bandeirantes returns on air, after many times s/off. // 9645kHz, fair signal, spur transmitter and poor modulation or barely audible, 33332 or 33331.

Jose Ronaldo XavierCabedelo - Brazil

73 Christoph