[A-DX] Krekel in A16 / Unterstützung der KW Sendungen

Wolfgang Bueschel
So Mär 13 16:37:05 CET 2016

... und einen fake vom Mossad gab es auch noch,
gegen Persien gerichtet, wegen dem
'besetzten' Süd-Azerbaidschan hat man bisserl aufgemischt
im Frühjahr 1998, mit einem Postfach in Wien,
ist das im Botschaftviertel ?  A-1193 :

CLANDESTINE   (Iran)  7094.95, Voice of Southern Azerbaijan,
1645-1731* Feb 21, presumed Azeri, endless talks (a little similar
to Farsi), giving tel. numbers at the end of the prgm; not one note
of mx in the 45 mins.; good.
(both Korinek-RSA, via NU, Feb 23, 1998)

11934.91v, Voice of Southern Azerbaijan, still hrd here at 0615-0715. Both
7094.93 and 11934.91 are not so strong like professional stns beaming
Europe, estimated power of 20 to 50 kW and beam direction aside of EUR.
(WB, Feb 24, 1998)

DARC -- German Ham Radio Club Bandwatch informed about distortion on ham
band channel 7095 kHz, caused by Voice of Southern Azerbaijan.
7095  1629 06 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E carrier
7095  1630 06 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E s/on px
7095  1630 10 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E s/on px - QSA5 (S9+60dB)
7095  1642 11 02 M.Ea VoSA   N0N carrier
7095  1632 14 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E addr always told at 1633
7095  1625 15 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E s/off at 1730
7095  1728 17 02 M.Ea VoSA   A3E QSA5 (S9+55dB)

They announce an address in Vienna, Austria:
VOSA Ltd. (I guess VOSA means "Voice of Southern Azerbaijan"- dj9kr)
Postfach 108, A-1193 Vienna, Austria

They announce a phone number in Holland: Its an answering machine which
really works, I tried it this morning: 0031 - 3 07 19 21 89   The voice is
Azeri language.

The German Telecoms. have pinpointed the tx-er in triangle ISR/JOR/ARS !!!

The QRG is 7095, and the signal here up to S9+60dB with a dipole.
(DARC -- Ulrich BihlmayerDJ9KR, INTERNET:)

Voice of Southern Azerbaijan (Azeri: Bura Janubi Azerbaijan Sasi), which
was first heard in July 1996, is operated by the National and Independent
Front of Southern Azerbaijan. Southern Azerbaijan is the Iranian province
of Azarbayjan, which borders the Republic of Azerbaijan. Programming is
hostile to the Iranian government. The radio says that it broadcasts
programmes about "the daily life of the people of Southern Azerbaijan under
Iranian oppression, the struggles of our brothers who live in Northern
Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan), their long standing war with the
Armenian enemy who receives help from Iran, programmes about our Azeri
inheritance, our great history and civilization..." All broadcasts will be
one hour earlier in summer.

Addr: Vosa Ltd., Postfach 108, A-1193 Vienna, Austria.
A contact telephone number is announced in the Netherlands: +31-307-192189
(BBCM via AGDX, Jun 1997)

[Acc to Mr. Vafa Culuzadeh, adviser of former Azerbaijan President Ebulfez
Elicibey, noted the Italian press agency IPS in Okt 1992 from Baku, that
the Israelian secret service specialist David Kimche and US citizen Richard
Secord, who was involved in the Iran-Contra-Affair, visited Azerbaijan,
presenting a delegation of more Israelian secret service personell. Mr.
Culuzadeh took part on a return visit to Israel, lead a delegation of
Azerbaijan/Uzbek/Kazakh secret services.]

All VoSA txions are much weaker than KOL ISR txions and not so audio
present, but the presentation is in very professional manner. VoSA signal
level is equal to clandestine Iraqi B/Cing Corp. (IBC) on 9568v. Txions are
not exact on x.00 kHz, drifting a little bit downwards to 11934.94 /
7094.91 kHz. BUT formerly suggested Tadjik Orzu tx site bcing exact on x.00
like 5750 and 5800 kHz. Azimuth fr ISR to IRN/AZE is 70 degrees. To compare
7095 by 7465 300 kW 70 degr: KOL Israel bcasts in Persian at 1500-1600
(-1625 Fri/Sat) on 7465, 9435, 11605 kHz, and is much stronger than VoSA.

Can anyone help with deeper information and direction finding of VoSA. Help
is appreciated by the Ham Radio society.  ed.

Comment: notice that given phone numbers differ.
All the activities against the present govt. of Iran seemingly are
supervised by some foreign secret services, like CIA and Mossad. [ed]

This station was first reported via Media Network progr by V.Goonetilleke
back to 1997 (?) on 12080 (or 12075) kHz. One day, when I tuned in my rx to
this channel I found an open carrier with "Reshet Bet" (ISR home sce
programme) on the background and then VoSA signing on, so, it seems ISR is
a right location of the Voice of Southern Azerbaijan.
(Nikolay Pashkevich-RUS, Feb 27, 1998)

So perhaps Israel of the three [ISR/JOR/ARS]. Paniview reported previously
that this station switches to DST the same time that Israel does. So let's
see if they do it again this year. (Hans Johnson-FL-USA, Feb 26, 1998)

Voice of Southern Azerbaijan is the mouthpiece for the National &
Independent Front of Southern Azerbaijan against Iran. ID in Azeri is: Bura
Janubi Azerbaijan Sasi.  Address has been announced as Vosa Ltd., Postfach
108, A-1193 Vienna, Austria.  Recent reports have its schedule as *0615-
0715*  11934.9v kHz and *1630-1730*  7094.90 kHz. The group advocates
integration of a northern strip of Iranian soil with Azerbaijan since it is
rich in oil and is where Iran wants to build a pipeline from the ocean to
Central Asia. If its location is found to be in Israel, this will be the
clearest evidence that Israel's intel agency, Mossad, is involved in
clandestine broadcasting.
(Grace Clandestine Radio Intel Web, Feb 27, 1998)

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> ASERBEIDSCHAN, hatten die überhaupt jemals einen Auslandsdienst auf KW?

Ja. Nannte sich Radio Dada Gorgud.
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