[A-DX] Log:7850 kHz / Ottawa, Canada / Time-signal / UTC: 07:49 / SINPO:44343 / Dat: 13:02. 2017

Horst Mehrlich
Mo Feb 13 09:00:49 CET 2017

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Any CHU radio signal reproduction, such as rebroadcasting, is prohibited.
Pursuant to section 47 of the *Radiocommunication Regulations*, SOR/96-484,
a person who operates radio apparatus in the amateur radio service may only
be engaged in communication that does not include the transmission of
programming that originates from a broadcasting undertaking. The NRC
official time signal broadcast on frequencies 3330 kHz, 7850 kHz and
14670 kHz, is considered to be a broadcast undertaking.

Gruß Horst

QTH Bardudvarnok / HNG
RX AOR 7030/FCD2
30 m LW