[A-DX] 4910kHz - wer sendet dort momentan jetzt (23h MESZ) ?

Christoph Ratzer
Do Jul 6 23:05:02 CEST 2017

> Weiß jemand wer dort z.Zt. QRV ist ?

The running commentary by AIR of Cricket Matches between India & West Indies being played in West Indies is scheduled as follows:

30 Jun 2017  1230-2030  UTC

2 July 2017   1230-2030

6 July 2017   1400-2200

9 July 2017   1500-1930

The ending time of the commentary varies depending upon the end of the match.

Many stations of AIR will relay these programs on MW/SW/FM by having extended schedules than usual at night time. It is a good time to monitor some of these stations operating at unusual times at night/early morning hours.  The commentary is alternatively in Hindi & English.

Derzeit mit S7 in Salzburg zu hören.

73 Christoph