[A-DX] Log: 6090, University Network, E, 05.25...UC, 22.07.17

Herbert Meixner
Sa Jul 22 07:32:58 CEST 2017

O = 3 in LSB
S = 5
[BCDX2] WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News #1307 July 21, 2017
ANGUILLA   6090, on July 9 at 0040 UT, incredibly, decent modulation has
finally been restored at Caribbean Beacon after several months of extreme
distortion, PMS at S=9+35dB, an echo apart from \\ 5935 kHz WWCR. Downside
now is that it splatters more out to 6080-6100 kHz! Plus reaudiblizing the
boring content of The so-called University Network.
Mit Gruss,
A-3160 Traisen
NRD 535DG, MiniWhip