[A-DX] Rum

Christoph Ratzer
So Mär 12 22:51:29 CET 2017

> Es gibt eine neue NDB in Österreich zu vermelden:

Und ein neues Handbuch gibts auch zu vermelden!

Hi all,

The brand new 2017 editions of the popular ENDBH & NANDBH handbooks
and CDs are ready!

The updated ENDBH contains the data of more than 7200 NDBs on 150+
spiral-bound pages in A4 format and the NANDBH shows the data of more
than 5000 NDBs on 130+ pages.

The CD versions of the handbooks contain an updated Google Earth
waypoint file so that you can "visit" NDB locations around the globe.
New pictures have been added to the NDB picture collection, and the
NDB sound clip section has grown as well.

In case you're interested in ordering a handbook or CD for other parts
of the world please don't hesitate to ask, I'm able to produce
customized versions for your special needs.

Delivery of the CDs will be via download. If you want a physical copy
of the CD please indicate this when ordering.

Prices have been adjusted to reflect the latest changes in postage
rates and foreign currency exchange rates. Please find all relevant
details at the following URL:


And once again I'd like to thank all NDB DXers for your continued
support, it is really appreciated :-)

vy 73 + gd DX,




73 Christoph