[A-DX] ===> SWRG#61 1600-1630z, today

Sa Aug 18 14:56:15 CEST 2018

KAE:    "....Shortwave Radiogram today 1600-1630 UTC on 9400 kHz from 
Bulgaria. The boss of Space Line will be at the transmitter site to 
observe the audio levels. I hope he will find our MFSK modes to be 
"mostly harmless.".............."

==> http://www.w1hkj.com/modes/mfsk.htm

alle MFSK-Modi  100% "Duty Cycle"


"When you work digital modes (as I do), that is out the window.  You may 
transmit RTTY, PSK, and slow-scan TV.  Your transmitter is running at 
full output for the whole duration of the transmission, which may be 
many minutes long, especially for image modes.
This beats up on the transmitter finals.  Considerably.  If you want to 
use digital modes, you must derate your transmitter;  my Chinese rig is 
rated for 20W.  I do not run more than 10W, and it’s usually 5W for 
normal use.  That’s a 50% derating at least, and is fairly 
conservative.  Your radio may have duty cycle recommendations for you to 
follow if you work digital modes."

"Digital" also ziemlich stressig für den Sender.  Bei AM dagegen, und 
noch mehr bei SSB,  kann er sich in den Sprech- und Denkpausen etwas 

Bei ch292 habe ich "digitalen Schluckauf" allerdings noch nie beobachten 
können, nur immer bei Kostinbrod.