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Last updated on: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Radio interference from consumer devices raised in Bundestag

German magazine Radioszene reports the issue of electromagnetic 
interference from consumer devices, e.g. switched-mode PSU's and LED 
lighting, is being raised in the Bundestag (Federal Parliament)

Bundestag Member Ralph Lenkert of the political party Die Linke (The 
Left) has submitted 21 questions on "Protection of the resource 
electromagnetic environment" to the Federal Government.

The Federal Government is expected to provide answers about the state of 
the electromagnetic environment.

The questions include (Google translation):

• What is the Federal Government's knowledge of general development of 
"Human-made Noise" (unwanted electromagnetic noise) in the field of 
shortwave, the VHF range, in DAB applications and in particular in the 
field of amateur radio service respectively in rural and
urban areas (please for each application individually describe)?

• The federal government shares the concern that the electromagnetic 
environment with the implementation of the DOCSIS 3.1 method in 
insufficiently shielded Cable networks due to broadband radiated 
Electromagnetic Interference on FM, DAB and frequencies of the
Amateur Radio Service as well as radio applications no longer as 
intended Will be available (please explain)?

• In view of the reports in its report (see 
or CQ DL amateur radio magazine, Issue 5-2018) in the implementation of 
the DOCSIS 3.1.-method a general monitoring about the condition of the 
cable networks?
If not, why not?

• Electronic devices whose distribution has been prohibited

• The number of personnel with which the testing and measuring tasks are 
carried out at the Federal Network Agency

Read the Radioszene article in Google English at

Original text in German

Die Linke Bundestag submission - Protection of resource electromagnetic 

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