[A-DX] Log: 7700, FRSH, 1833...UC, 28.07.19

Herbert Meixner
So Jul 28 20:38:20 CEST 2019


On Sunday July 28th, the Free Radio Service Holland will be on with the 
first of two Summer evening broadcasts. Similar to what we have done in 
the past few years, thematic programmes will be aired. Programmes will 
commence at 16:52 UTC/ 18:52 CEST and will last four hours. Close down 
will be at 21:00 UTC/ 23:00 CEST.
Attention: most likely programmes will be aired on 7700//5810 kHz (spare 
frequency is 5800 kHz). Tune in on the 28th of July...It will be worth 
while with a wide variety of misical topics. Reports but moreover: 
personal comments are more than welcome. P.O.Box 2702 in 6049 ZG Herten, 
the Netherlands  (=excellent hard copy QSL) or by e-mail: 
Put it on your calendar: the inofficial celebration of our 39th 
anniversary will be on Sunday September 1st. Details will follow in the 
second half of August.

O = 2/3

Mit Gruss,
A-3160 Traisen
NRD 535 DG, MiniWhip