[A-DX] Portable receiver

Fr Nov 8 22:53:02 CET 2019

Am 07.11.19 um 12:11 schrieb Dario Gabrielli:
> Hello Dario,

sorry that your receiver has broken. I would prefer an receiver and a
separate audiorecorder. I'm using an Sony ICD-AX412F, which gives me
more flexibility, especially with more than one receiver. With up to 192
kBit/s the audioquality is really good. With four different settings of
the audiolevel of recording you can connect this recorder to any
receiver you want. The recorder has also a build-in fm-tuner with the
performance of the Sony ICF-7600GR and much details more. Maybe this
recorder is available anymore or there will be anyone with the same
technical datas.

As a receiver i would prefer an XHData D-808 in this price-range. It's
good on AM and Shortwave and also on FM.

I hope, that my answer is useful for you.

73 de Siggi, DH8YAG

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