[A-DX] FM Kompakt Programm 06.09.2020 bis 19.09.2020

Sa Sep 19 21:40:48 CEST 2020

Am 02.09.2020 um 21:55 schrieb Thomas Schweder:
> Am kommenden Samstag hört ihr bei Radio HCJB in der Sendung für DXer eine neue Radiothek. Thema diesmal die Stimme der Organisation amerikanischer Staaten, Voice of OAS.

Da ich jetzt erst dazu komme:

Die Frequenzdurchsagen in Spanisch beim ersten O-Ton lauteten:
15160 kHz / 19m
11830 kHz / 25m
  9640 kHz / 31m

Beide O-Töne der Voice of the OAS hatten  50/100 Hz-Brumm, KEINEN mit 60

QSL sah dann wohl so aus:


zum nachfolgenden Gulf Coorperation Concil  G.C.C.  * 25.Mai 1981

".....On the information level,  cooperation  has  involved  news
agencies,  radio
programmes,  and  even  the  creation  of  a  regional  G.C.C. radio
programme called the  "Voice of the Gulf Cooperation Council".
This  programme,  initiated  in July  1985,  would broadcast  from
Abu  Dhabi  for  three  months  and  then  would  rotate  among the
members.  The  voice  would  be  heard  two  hours  daily
(recommendations  of  the  Deputy  Ministers  of  Information  at
their meeting  on  12  March  1985)..."

إذاعة صوت دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي

aus 2004:
Radio Kingdom joins the Voice of Cooperation
* Riyadh - SPA:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Radio will join, starting tomorrow,
Saturday, the Voice of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which will be
broadcast from the Kingdom of Bahrain on the occasion of the upcoming
summit of their Majesties and Highnesses, the leaders of the GCC countries.
The broadcast radio material every day from ten o'clock in the morning
until two o'clock and half pm GMT UK on the following working waves:
* The waves (AMD) medium
Riyadh --1,422 - Kilo Hertz, Jeddah --1,485 - Kilo Hertz, Dammam --1,098
- Kilo Hertz.
* L-FM waves - Riyadh - 97.7 - MHz, Jeddah - 96.2 - MHz, Dammam - 103.6
- MHz, Taif - 106.9 - MHz, Al Kharj - 95.2 - MHz, as it will broadcast
on the satellites Arabsat and Nilesat. .
Riyadh Radio has sent a number of songs on Gulf cooperation and some
documentary programs that talk about the development process and social
life in the Kingdom and the Gulf in general, in addition to appointing
broadcasters to provide the voice of the Cooperation Council with daily
meetings and reports.
The broadcast of this radio is an embodiment of the Gulf interdependence
and the keenness of the Gulf Cooperation Council radio officials to keep
up with the coverage of the Gulf summit activities

aus 2006:
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Radio / the General Program / from Riyadh
and under the direction of His Excellency the Minister of Culture and
Information, Mr. Ayad bin Amin Madani, begins broadcasting the Voice of
the Gulf Cooperation Council in its waves from 9:30 pm to 12:00
midnight, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, on the occasion of the summit
The twenty-seventh of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the
The Assistant Undersecretary for Radio Affairs, Abdul-Rahman bin
Abdulaziz Al-Hazaa, explained that the radio broadcasting comes within
the framework of the existing cooperation between the Kingdom’s radio
and the radio stations of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and its
keenness to keep pace with this important Gulf event and transmit all
its activities, indicating that the radio has completed all the
technical and program preparations for this session, which formed
several Committees from all radio employees to prepare and follow-up
programs and reports and to provide audio pictures of leaders' meetings.
Al-Hazaa said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency that Voice of the
Gulf Cooperation Council will be filled with many special programs and
audio messages on this occasion, such as / from the sayings of the
leaders, the program of “Gulf Unity”, “Artist from the Gulf,” and “Gulf
Sports” and “Gulf Decisions” and / They said about the council / in
addition to the program “Our Gulf One”, which will be broadcast live
from eleven to twelve in the evening. The period also includes a summary
of the most important news about the activities of the Gulf meetings.
The Assistant Undersecretary for Broadcasting stated that the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia Radio will broadcast live the proceedings of the opening of
the summit’s work, as well as the proceedings of the press conference
presenting the results of the Gulf summit’s work.
// Ended // 1353 CE

aus 2011:
"....Observer for Kuwait Radio broadcasters, Saad Al-Fendi, said that
the radio joined Radio Riyadh to transmit the activities of the 32nd
Gulf Summit, which begins its work today in the capital, Riyadh, in the
framework of ensuring media coordination between the GCC countries.
Al-Fandi added in a statement to KUNA yesterday that the radio program
joined Riyadh Radio through the Voice of the Cooperation Council program
since yesterday, for a period of 3 days from 2 pm to 6 pm. He explained
that this radio participation in this annual Gulf wedding comes within
the framework of the instructions of the Minister of Information Sheikh
Hamad Al-Jaber Al-Ali and the Undersecretary of the Ministry Sheikh
Salman Al-Hamoud. He said that the radio participated with its
counterparts in the inauguration of Voice of the Gulf Cooperation
Council from Riyadh, marking the start of the media and radio coverage
of the 32nd Gulf Summit. He explained that the opening of the Gulf
Cooperation Council’s Voice from Riyadh Radio was inaugurated by the
Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Abdulaziz Khoja, who
praised Kuwait Radio’s move to join Sawt Cooperation Council

It includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.
It was established on May 25, 1981
Today, on the channel I know, we raise a question, what if this council,
which includes 6 countries, becomes one state?"

  The voice of the Cooperation Council continues to be broadcast during
the sessions of the Supreme Council, and all radio stations in the GCC
countries link the radio with the voice during its broadcast.
• Exchange of programs and radio materials between radio stations in the
GCC countries.
• Exchange of visits between officials, preparers, directors and
• Each radio station from the GCC states produces radio programs or
messages in a certain number and then sends them to the broadcasters of
the member states, such as the Gulf Papers program and the broadcast
messages from the “Illumination” program.
• The production of a number of programs and radio messages from the
Joint Program Production Corporation under the name of "Radio Card"
highlighting the decisions of the Supreme Council, the production of a
series under the name of "Our Life" as well as the "Gulf Papers"
program, and the reproduction of the new part of the "Environmental
Flashes" program, And production of an English radio series.
Production of the "Tourism in the Gulf" programFrom thirty episodes.
• Producing a thirty-episode social drama series focusing on loyalty,
belonging, consolidating national identity, spreading tolerance and
rejection of violence.
• Producing radio programs to introduce the oil and energy sectors.
• Expanding the scope of the Gulf TV Production Festival, which is held
every two years, to include radio production in the GCC countries, and
adopting a basic system for it, and in light of which the name of the
device was changed to become the Gulf Radio and Television Organization.

Radio Studio mit dem GCC Logo, 2016 in Bahrain
Bahrain: Report: The launch of Radio Hana, the Arab Gulf, to unify the
voice of all radio stations in the GCC countries