[A-DX] Sound of Hope

Patrick Robic
Fr Sep 25 19:20:32 CEST 2020


Auf https://bclnews.blogspot.com/ entdeckte ich diesen Beitrag von Glenn 
Hauser über (vermeintliche und reale) Sound of Hope Empfänge, den man 
auch in Europa beherzigen sollte:

  ** CHINA [and non]. Don`t be fooled by CNR1 jamming as Sound of Hope

It can be very misleading to rely on some frequency-list references. 
First of all, the way-out-of-band SOH transmitters are extremely low 
power, maybe 100-watts. The ChiCom attempt to jam most of them with 
high-power regular SWBC transmitters carrying CNR1 programming (rarely 
Firedrake music). Thus if you hear Chinese on one of these frequencies, 
your first assumption should be that it is CNR1 jamming, unless 
definitely proven otherwise by specific ID, or *not* being in // to many 
other CNR1 frequencies, even legitimate ones which are not jamming.

Aoki/NDXC indicates the presence of jamming in some versions merely with 
an *, easily ignored or overlooked. EiBi has separate entries for the 
jammers; but not always are all included in either. Altho China 
participates in HFCC, while preventing Taiwan and any clandestines from 
doing so, China does not bother to register its jamming transmissions. 
Would they even deny them if confronted?

I know copying real IDs in Chinese is difficult for us, but Ron Howard 
quotes SOH: "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai" (Sound of Hope 
international broadcast station) ID given twice (once by OM and once by YL).

Wolfgang Bueschel has done extensive surveys of these with remotes, 
finding that Sound of Hope is usually slightly off-frequency while the 
jammers are not. CNR1 programming includes timesignal on the hour, while 
SOH does not. I often monitor until many of these close at 1400* after 
TS. CNR1 jamming also applies to high-power inband transmissions 
including RTI, VOA, RFA, and a few SOH, some of those in turn relaying 
RFA.. Voice of Tibet and other broadcasts in Tibetan, and Uighur, and 
even English are also subject to such jamming.

Every time some Westerner reports CNR1 jamming as if it were SOH, the
ChiCom must be very amused. 73, (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 2053)