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[A-DX] News from Uruguay

  • Subject: [A-DX] News from Uruguay
  • From: "Arnaldo L. Slaen" <slaen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 08:55:38 -0300

Some hours ago, I return from my holidays from Uruguay and Brazil.
I visit, together with the argentine DXers Marcelo Cornachioni and Gerardo
Choren, the following
city: Concordia (Argentine), Salto, Artigas, Chuy and Montevideo (in
Uruguay) and
Quarai, Bage and Rio Grande (in Brazil).
Past friday, us visit CX118 Radio La Voz de Artigas. Your General Manager,
Mr. Roberto Murillo, tell us about the esporadic test transmissions in
short wave, only any sundays, of CXA3, on 6075 khz, between 1430-1700 UTC,
with 1 kw.
If your report this station, send your reception reports to:

Arnaldo Slaen,
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